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Joaquin Phoenix walked Out Of An Interview After Being Asked Whether ‘Joker’ Inspire Mass Shooters?


In an interview on Sunday, Phoenix has questioned whether his latest film inspires the role of a person it’s about, with which Collin answered as “an unstable, self-pitying loner with a mass-shooter mindset.”
Phoenix eventually, when out of the interview with his lips muttering.
Collin said Phoenix rejoined the interview after an hour’s peace-brokering with Warner Bros PR. He further explains that Phoenix panicked because he hasn’t been asked with such type of question before, so eventually, it leads to a question not being answered by him.
Phillips said “I really think there have been a lot of thick pieces written by people who egoistic state they haven’t even seen the movie and they don’t need to”, he further said “I would just argue that you might want to watch the movie, you might want to watch it with an open mind.”
Phoenix also said, “Well, I think that, for most of us, you’re able to tell the difference between right and wrong and those that aren’t are of interpreting anything in the way that they may want to.”
It’s also quite embarrassing to know that this criticism is reflected in articles with headlines like “Joaquin Phoenix losses His S- in Bold, but Incel-Friendly Origin Story” in Indie Wire, also with some like in Refinery29 mentioned as “Joker is a Dangerous film – and its Bringing Out the Worst in the Internet” and the list keeps going on and on.
Nevertheless, “Joker” has been lauded almost as vehemently as it has been scolded- Phoenix has already been tipped for the best-actor Oscar, and business insider’s Jason Guerrasio was among the critics who adored it.
Guerrasio states that “The movie is very much a commentary on how society doesn’t do enough to nurture people who experience mental illness.”
He further added, “The Clown Prince of Crime has always been a favorite character to play for actors, but here Phoenix takes it to its darkest place.”
IGN’s Jim Vejvoda asked Phoenix and the director Todd Philips regarding the criticism of the particular movie at the film’s press junket in Los Angeles, which last a week.

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