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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are aware of the fact that being back together is unavoidable.


It was quite a story of Kylie and Travis taking a break, but here comes the news that this couple is on the verge of getting back together, and they might soon be back as a couple. In one of the interviews, Kylie substantiated her fans that she is keeping up in great terms with Travis. She tweeted, Travis and she is concentrating on their little daughter, and their little daughter is their priority, for now, .and they love her very much so at least for the sake of their beloved daughter they are not being separated. Sometime ago Travis too posted on one of the social media platforms, on Instagram that all these rumors about his family and breaking up of relationships are really causing him distress and there is no such separation happened yet, so there is absolutely no need to spread rumors about his family! Also, it was out by an insider that Kylie was really upset about the rumors about that she went on seeing on her ex at Tyga’s Studio. It was being heard that they both of them and they had expressed that they miss being with each other and are still in love. After all, it was a solid two years-long relationship. Travis also spoke up that all the rumors about him being cheating on Kylie are just not true and upsetting. None of the rumors is authentic; it’s just the internet building up erroneous stories. They just took a break, but they will definitely be back with a bang as we all know that both of them are the most adorable couple who are blessed with a cute angel. Not just because of the storm, but because they love each other, they will be back soon. All these rumors we’re just spread by some random people causing a hype in the Hollywood buzz! Just to grab attention. It is great news for their fans that they are not apart, and none of them was cheating on each other.


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