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The Joker is rocking across worldwide, and this is only because of Joaquin’s Phoenix villainous performance.


A sensational Hollywood movie from Warner brothers pictures, DC film’s and village roadshow pictures, distributed by Warner brothers.

Director of the movie is Todd Phillips, the writer is Scott silver, and Joaquin Phoenix played the lead role.

Coming to the story, it’s a psychological thriller, Arthur flex (The name of joker character in this movie) would be suffering from mental problems. Laughing is one of the disasters of him, and once he starts, he can’t control himself. He would live in dreams as he likes. The director shaped this movie very near to reality. No one born as Superman or joker and the situations around will make like that was revealed here. It gives a marvelous experience while watching if you understand the inner story.

Joker is a Detective Comic (DC) movie.

It is the name of the character in the movie of Batman 1989. The leading role of joker was Jack Napier, and it was the most famous comic name from then.

If we look at the worldwide collection of joker creating one by one records.

The last week’s collections tell how the movie is running out. Below are the top 10 comic box office cross collections worldwide.

  1. Aqua-man-$1.48 billion
  2. The Dark knight rises-$1.85 billion
  3. The Dark knight-$1.005 billion
  4. Batman V/S Superman

(Down of Justice)-$873.6 million

  1. Wonder women-$821.8 million
  2. Suicide squad-$746.8million
  3. Man of steel-$668.7million
  4. Justice league -$657.9million
  5. Batman -$411.5million
  6. Superman returns-$391.9 million

Till now already joker earned $258.1 million

Worldwide business in one-week collections, and we can expect what joker must achieve by the end of its run to break into the top 10 DC movies at the box office. The budget for this movie was $55 million only.

Once we find the collection to Joker in India, it was released two days prior to worldwide on October 2nd, only selected metros in the English version and collected 35.7 crore rupee’s approximately in one weak. On the same day, October 2nd, in 2 major movies released in India, one is Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff’s film “War” the biggest action entertainment of 2019.                   Sidharth Anand, who directed this movie, collected 219 .25 crore’s in the overall collection.

The 2nd one was Tollywood Megastar Chiranjeevi’s “She Ra Narasimha Reddy” Amitabh Bachchan played a guest role in this historical movie.

These two movies faced more competition from “Joker” In Collection and bringing the audience to the theatres.

This only for some examples of how the joker is rocking across worldwide, and this is only because of Joaquin’s Phoenix villainous performance.

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