Maleficent Mistress Of Evil is a great sequel with some mixed message.


With the box office above $8.3 billion for the year, the Disney studios have set a new record for the biggest studio year in the history of cinema. Disney still has a lot to come
Angelina Jolie is back with a visually stunning, heart-tugging film.

Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil is a sequel to the 2014 film, dark fantasy adventure movie, Maleficent, which was the original live-action, re-imagining of the classic, fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty.

The story leaps. It continues the original story. Maleficent is put in a fixed corner with her regal beauty, and grace captures the screen far too little than what is expected and also when her adoptive Godchild, princess Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty, agrees to marry Prince Phillips when he proposes.

Disney will keep the audience think that Phillip is Aurora’s one and only, but the Maleficent movies have already strayed so far from the animated classic that inspires them. It is a fantasy that carter to the audience.

Nothing else to explain the sudden appearance of more dark than as an answer to all of us who watched the original Sleeping Beauty or first Maleficent.

The main trouble is that film gradually collapses, as if kind of storytelling thing into a last and final battle like MCU movies. Overall the film does not lack in any part. The special effects and 3D animation are perfect.

But, Mistress of Evil never manages to justify the return of all the characters, but it focuses on its fantasy world, which is quite exciting and keeps you engaged. In most cases, sequels are perfectly left unmade. Mistress of Evil might not win its case against the statement. But it’s a real perfect attempt.


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