Apple has come up with its TV app on Amazon Fire TV Gadgets.


TIM COOK has been seen pulling some bricks from Apple’s walls, as has the Apple TV app launched on Amazon Fire TV devices. Apple TV is no longer limited to iThing or Apple Thing Gadgets.

Apple wants to shut down everything in its product and software ecosystem; For example, HomePod had an age before working with Spotify and Apple Music.
But the company has already brought Apple TV for Samsung TV and also works for other stories.

Compatibility with Roku streaming devices was also added to the hardware mix that could be streamed on Apple TV earlier this month, so it makes sense that Amazon’s Fire TV gadgets were part of Apple TV’s broader ecosystem.

Amazon Fire TV devices, including Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Basic Edition, and Second-Gene Fire TV Stick, now have access to the Apple TV app.

This is hardly a coincidence, as Apple TV + streaming service is set to launch on November 14, so having the Apple TV app on as many devices as possible is one way to get more people on the streaming service, It is already using Apple extensively.

With Amazon Fire Gadgets, it will be necessary to access, purchase, and view Apple TV content through the app; There is no retrofitted integration with non-Apple gadgets.

Still, at least Apple has swallowed its praises and allowed Apple TV on other devices. If only it could do that a little more, Playing the Apple Watch well with Android phones would be an excellent place to start.


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