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Gadgets Saving Life. Apple Watch saved a Hiker’s life when he fell off a cliff.


Man who fell off a cliff is saved by his APPLE WATCH after it detected a ‘hard fall’ and called 911

JAMES PRUDENCIANE28 was on a date with her girlfriend Paige Paruso at Hartshorne Woods Park, and they got lost in the woods. As it began to get dark, the pair fell on to a Ravine and decided to slide down and landed on the rocks near the Nave Sink River.

“We got to the bottom of it, and that is when it was life or death,” Prudenciano explained to the reporters. “I looked down, and I noticed it was a straight drop to rocks and water.” They both hanged on the cliff and was fearing for their lives. Paruso eventually fell in the water, and she was hurt, but okay.

It was then that the Prudenciano’s Apple Watch detected a ‘hard fall’ and alerted authorities to the pair’s whereabouts by calling 911.

He was in so much pain and frightened by seeing death in front of him. There was no one to help him and his girlfriend. Paruso was safe, but Prudenciano was still hanging and trying to save himself. But because of hanging for a more extended period, it made him exhausted, tired, and hopeless. But his Apple Watch saved his life by detecting hard fall and called for help by alerting authorities.

He was screaming that he is going to die because he felt he was going to die. He had no way out of this, so he said his last goodbyes. But his Apple Watch saved his life.

Prudenciano eventually fell into the river and landed on the rock, suffering three fractures in his back. The Chorus has still longed in his back.

Both of them injured, were taken out by a passing boat to a pier. They then were transported to Hackensack Meridian Jersey Shore University Medical Center for treatment for their injuries.


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