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Sony Offering Refunds for ‘Broken’ Game WWE 2K20


In case you were not aware, WWE 2K20 has been released, and it has been universally panned. There are a lot of issues with the game, including graphical problems, glitches, and ‘PS2 quality’ gameplay and visuals.

As you’ve no doubt heard, WWE 2K20 is seriously glitchy and full of bugs. Now, it’s been revealed that Sony is issuing refunds to fans after complaints about the game took over social media.

Sony is now offering gamers refunds on their purchases of the game. This scheme applies just for Playstation 4 users from what we’re hearing. We have not heard whether or not Microsoft intends to give Xbox One gamers the same choice. One Twitter user also wrote how fans could go about getting a refund, saying, You can contact Sony and get them to refund it as since you expected a working game, you were sold the game under false pretense.

Now, it’s been revealed that Sony has started to issue refunds to PlayStation 4 players who have complained about being sold what is essentially a faulty product.

There’s no word on whether Microsoft is doing the same for Xbox One users, but it does sound like Sony is granting the majority of buyers with refunds if they complain about the fact that the game is broken. This is terrible publicity for WWE and not good news for a franchise that feels like it’s been on its last legs for years.

There are, however, some gamers who are saying that Sony is not actually issuing refunds.

However, not everyone has been so lucky.

Some people have been denied their attempts to get a refund, with some users noting that PlayStation support denied them a refund, claiming that they weren’t entitled to one.

There are also glitch compilations already filling up the internet, with YouTubers like Smallafro Games putting together a video of some of the more outrageous glitches that have affected gamers to date.

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