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The Secret Service tells Eminem about ‘Trump’s Song’ Threat.


The rapper interviewed the document show agency in December 2017 about songs that offend the president and his family.

When Eminem claimed on his song in 2018 The Ringer that he had gone on songs from the Secret Service considered a threat to Donald Trump, it was easy to assume they were using some specific poetic license.
In a tweet, Eminem announced the surprise release of his new album, “Kamikaze,” Eight months after Eminem released his new album, his final album, “Revival,” announced a surprise to his fans with 13 vivid new raps.

Kamikaze’s flagship track, “The Ringer,” gained rapid attention on social media due to the song in which President Donald Trump’s critic Eminem claimed the Secret Service visited him. The lyrics to his 2017 album Revival contained lyrics for other derogatory remarks about the president and his family.

The agency provided more than 40 pages of documents to prove that he had interviewed the rapper. It is revealed that his interest in speaking with him was based on a “threatening song” from his rap “Framed,” which was released by Revival. The Secret Service portrayed Eminem as “exhibiting inappropriate behavior” and noted that he, through rap, “threatens defenders.”

The documents state that this is not the first time MATHERS has made threatening remarks towards POTUS and his family. “In June 2017, MATHERS condemned comments that were a threat to POTUS in nature.”

After a meeting with the composer and his lawyers, the Secret Service eventually refused to refer the case to federal prosecutors.

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