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10 Horror Comics Fans Must Read


When it comes to horror, it is thrilling and exciting. The excitement of what will happen next always keeps one on the edge of the couch. Here are 10 horror comics to give you goosebumps.


Hellboy is a comic about a hell-sent demon to wage war in the world. Instead, he defends humanity and saves the world. People do not accept him, but he still fights for them. Hellboy made its first appearance in December 1993. Hellboy was recreated in movies in 2004, 2008, and 2019. It is a must-watch movie, and a must-read comic.

Locke and Key

 This comic has terror from all the possible areas. It has the Locke family who encounters various demons, betrayals, and murders. The myths are given a modern twist from the 20th-century obsession. Locke and Key gives you creeps and nightmares. Its first edition came out in 2008.

30 Days of Night

 It is an Alaska based vampire comic, and people would agree upon it logically. A pack of vampires stumbles on a village that is in darkness for a month. The vampires feed on the villagers. And there is a group that tries to survive until the day when there will be sunshine. This comic came out in June 2003. A movie representation has also been made named ’30 Days of Night’ which captures all the emotions in the entirety.


 In this comic, there is a mixture of witches, ghouls, and ghosts. A woman is, say, possessed by them. The comic is a package of body horror and supernatural. The comic is dark and not everybody’s cup of tea. This is comic is based in Redlands, Florida. The witches are in power. To stay on the top, many sacrifices must be made.

Swamp Things

 A scientist is killed in an explosion that sends him flying into a swamp with some laboratory liquid. This creature that comes out of the swamp says that he is Alec Holland. This comic has been talked about a lot. It was written by Moore, and it gave a big competition to Batman. Moore wrote all crazy things in it.

Hell Blazer

 It is a must-read for the fans of John Constantine. Hell Blazer was introduced in the Swamp Things. It has had many writers. This comic first came out in 1988. It was on origin point for John Constantine. This is Vertigo, and he is squeamish. The comic brings out the train wreck that the life of Constantine is.

From Hell

 This comic is written by Moore and Campbell. This comic was based on Jack the Ripper and during the times when he performed his deeds. This comic aims to educate people and also make them have nightmares in broad daylight. It first came out in 1989.

The Walking Dead

This is the one that many have heard of. It has also been incorporated as a TV series. It first came out in 2003 but did not get much attention until later. This comic has survivors who are surrounded by the dead (which they call walkers) . Anything can happen to anyone.

The Batman Who Laughs

 In this comic, Batman is infected by his nemesis, the Joker, with his evil madness. Batman knows his enemies and laughs when he gets to them. It is a comic from the Dark Multiverse of DC. It is not like the good old Batman, it is something evil.


This is a comic based in Japan where a little girl witnessed horrors in her home and around town. The writers twisted anything and everything they could find to make symbols that would drive people mad or make them kill others. It is a comic which does not leave the readers’ mind and continues to give them nightmares.

Must Read

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