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Robert Downey Jr is unmissable : Benedict Cumberbatch’s impression of Avengers Endgame co-star


While promoting the ‘oh so awaited’ movie, Avengers: End Game, the stars of the movie did interviews. The most requested thing was to impersonate their co-stars. The impressions by Benedict Cumberbatch cannot be missed.

On the Youtube channel called SkinnyIndonesian24, Benedict appeared for an interview and made compelling impressions of his co-stars. Robert Downey Jr.’s impression was the best.

Iron Man, a.k.a. Tony Stark is usually seen walking around his lab and calling for Pepper Potts, his secretary and is his wife. Benedict also made impressions of Chris Pratt and Groot, who is the cutest little thing.

Later in the interview, Benedict was asked who is the better Sherlock Holmes, him, or Robert. He humbly answered that it was Robert. A judgment cannot be passed on in this case. Both the actors have their style and way of portraying Sherlock Holmes.

Such interviews where co-stars can impersonate each other and make fun of each other (in a respectable way) shows that how much they admire their work and how much they pay attention to what the character does. They improvise scenes, which is difficult if they do not have chemistry among themselves.

In today’s world, where there are feuds between actors and it is dragged on by their fans, it is fun and exciting to see the friendship that the cast of Avengers have among them. When you work on so many movies together and spent so much time on set and rehearsals, you do get close. There was a video where the cast is having their meal together and just talking and relaxing. This is the kind of friendship that people want. To be able to sit together, have a meal, talk, and have fun.

The Avengers cast is the perfect example, and the movie was a hit. Benedict’s impression of his co-stars should not be missed. Go watch the video now.

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