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The Outer Worlds Guide for Beginners: Tips For The Best Experience Possible


Brought to you by Obsidian Entertainment, The Outer Worlds was released for PS4, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. It is an up-coming, role-playing game. It was recently launched on 25th October 2019. 

It’s all about visiting the outer world and different galaxies. It is not a short game. Different actions have different results. One has played the game all over again to know all the possible ending. This concept is like the Bandersnatch. 

Some guides to help players through the games

1. Carry what you need. 

Carrying too much inventory can slow you down. Carrying anything that might affect your health will result in slow regeneration of your health.

2. Carry the tech 

 Carry the tech that you can use wherever you are to fix your armor and weapons than to go back to the workbench and mend your things. 

3. Keep on upgrading

Make sure that all your weapons and meters are upgraded. Keep your weapons repaired. You never know what you might come across.

4. Difficulty setting

 Set the difficulty bar as per your levels. This ensures that you get the best experience while playing the game.

5. Use companions

Players should have a companion who compensates for what they lag as a player. Players can have a companion who is good at hacking and someone whose combat skills are great.

6. Always go from Normal to Hard

It is also advisable to test or begin the game from the normal levels and then advance to the hard and difficult levels.

8. Enhance leadership

Enhance your leadership points. This helps to command your companions. This provides much-needed combat flair.

9. Lock picking

Lock picking is necessary for the game. You may never know when you might come across a locked case, and it contains something very important. 

This was a guide for beginners. Go on and go crazy over these guides and enjoy the new game.

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