The director said- The last season of Game of Thrones was shot in a hurry.


When the last season of ‘Game of Thrones’ came, there was a tremendous atmosphere about it. People were eager to know the climax of the show. However, the show did not get such a good response after so much buzz. People also listened fiercely to its producers for ruining this famous show. Now several months later, director Neil Marshall revealed its eighth season. He also admitted that it was made in a hurry.

Neil Marshall spoke openly about this. Neil said- I think all the characters end up where they were supposed to be, but I think some of these characters are in a hurry. I agree that it did. I think the story is correct but was not appropriately decorated.

He also talked about which battle scene he liked the most, Neil chose Blackwater for this, especially because he was taken into it at the last minute.

Neil said- I think Blackwater is a crazy episode because I was cast on it at the last minute. The original director backed down, and within a week, I was given notice. This one week was the biggest madness of my life. Was a giver, because all the preparations had to be done in the meantime, but we did it and did some great things as well, so maybe Blackwater is my favorite for this achievement factor this is an episode.


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