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“Age does matter in Love”: Brody Jenner and Josie Canseco ended their two months relationship due to age gap.


It is said that “Age doesn’t matter in love”, but in the case of Brody Jenner and Josie Canseco, it was their age gap that ended their love-life.

The rocking DJ Brody Jenner,36 and the stunning model Josie Canseco,22 ended their two months relationship due to their 14 years age gap. According to fans, it was too quick to end the relationship. Both, The Hills star and Victoria’s Secret model are telling friends that they have broken up as they were struggling a lot with their 14- year age gap.

For now, ex-couple the age gap was creating trouble as it was affecting the way of thinking and reacting of both the stars. They were not able to think accordingly as their age was affecting their thought a lot. Not only they got separated but also have wiped their social media accounts free of one another. All these actions prove that both are completely over each other.

Though the short-lived couple hasn’t addressed the breakup report publicly, Josie shared a quote on Instagram on October 28, which reflects their relationship status.
“Everything that is meant for you will find you. From people. To moments. To things. If it is for you, it will come. And when it does. Be there. Enjoy. Live. and love.”

The love story of Brody and Josie blossomed two months before. They started dating each other nearly two weeks after his split from ex-wife Kaitlynn in August.

When Brody’s mother, Linda Thompson, was asked about his son’s breakup with Josie, she dodged the question and talked about his career. She mentioned that she misses Brody’s ex-wife Kaitlynn with whom they are good friends now.

Brody is still in touch with Kaitlynn but only as a good friend. There is no hope left for any romantic reconciliation as their relationship was very tempestuous. The pair tied a knot in a 2018 wedding in Indonesia but never applied for a wedding license in the States.
After he ended his relationship, Brody’s heart went for Josie, but after two months he realized that the 14 years age gap between them is not working, so they broke up.

Fans are eagerly waiting for Brody to find a perfect match for him soon.

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