Apple Coming Up With 16-inch MacBook Pro With Massive Redesign


Apple has not yet revealed the 16-inch MacBook Pro. But anyhow, it seems that people are already aware of the upcoming larger display laptop this month by Apple. Analyst Chi Kuo, who announced that we could expect a new high-end laptop with a larger display in 2019 end of October. He also predicted that we would also see a 31-inch 6k monitor and a new mini Ipad in the future.

Apple has recently not updated its premium round of laptops over a period of time since 2016. The 16-inch laptop will be the largest in the company’s line. Apple recently sells the two versions of the laptop which is Macbook Pro 13 inch and 15-inch models and a 13-inch Macbook Air.

Lately, Apple came out with new Airpods, ipads, and Macs. It might also come up with some new releases.
The slim bezels would be similar to the existing Macbook Pro 15-inch model.

The new keyboard is expected to replace the existing butterfly keyboard design on all the other Macbook models from 2020.

With the New keyboard design, the Macbook pro will also be powered by the 9th gen Intel Core processor.

It’s going to be quite interesting if Apple will update the existing Macbook Pro Model with new chips.
Apple might hold an event soon that will focus on new iPad and MacBook models, with new beta images.
For now, the price of the 16-inch Macbook Pro model might be $3000.


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