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DDK Community Crosses an Enormous Figure of 200,000


DDK is feeling proud to announce that it has reached a gigantic figure of 200,000 community members, empowering a stand of democratic a crypto network.

Working on a fast and reliable AEPOS core (Arai-Ezra-Proof-Of-Stake), it can also handle 250 transactions per block (10 seconds). Moreover, it does not require heavy machines, significantly cutting cost.

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The enhancement and preparation for DDK Asset Issuing (DAI) also have been ensured to make DDKoin a quick, safe, and convenient Blockchain Asset.

It lets every community member participate in the decision-making process by deciding who the validator/delegate shall be.

The ambassadors receive a transaction fee on each validation and block reward on block generation.

Staking rewards (DDKOIN) are also distributed among voters creating earning opportunities, sustaining blockchain projects and providing benefits to its global Community.

DDKOIN is a registered coin with SIMEX, Dobi, and Exmarket. Users can also track their behaviour on CoinMarketCap.

With 45 million total supply, the cryptocurrency stands among top 300 coins out of 2,300.

CMC lists DDKOIN the 8th highest performing crypto asset on SIMEX. It is also among top ten coins listed on DOBI.

DDKoin has 1,710,000 surrounding supply and 12,302,284 USD market cap (subject to article writing date).

DDK platform consists of multiple elements including, stakeholders, delegates, dashboard reward incentives, fee, forum discussion & campaign platform.

Every DDKOIN holder becomes a stakeholder who is responsible for participating in governance and miner selection.

By submitting ten (10) DDK/DDKoins as a fee to run a delegate campaign, a stakeholder can become a delegate based on voting outcomes.

Stakes holders can dismiss envoy if found in malfunction. Further, the DDK community can trace real-time activities and transactions going on the platform via main-net.

The platform has reserved 900,000 DDKoins for its airdrop that also includes direct referral reward.

Users also get chain referral rewards from 5% to 0.5% up to 15 levels for each new stake. Out of the total 900,000 supply, 485,270.834 DDKoins are left, which would be reserved by 2020

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