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Nalani Johnson: Months after tot girl was killed & left in car seat in park, rideshare driver charged with homicide


A Pennsylvania woman who was earlier facing charges of kidnapping is now looking at additional accusations, after the death of her ex-boyfriend’s infant daughter in September.

According to Penn Live, the 25-year-old Sharena Islam Nancy was being accused with criminal homicide in relation to the death of 1-year-old Nalani Johnson, who was going to turn two in a matter of days when authorities discovered her dead at Pine Ridge Park in Indiana County.

The WPXI said that a coroner confirmed it and ruled Nalani’s manner of death as a homicide previously this week. Additionally, to homicide charges, Nancy is also looking at facing charges of abusing a corpse.

As CrimeOnline had earlier reported, Nalani’s father, Paul Johnson, informed the police of the little girl missing on September 1, following Nancy, a former Uber and Lyft driver, reportedly fled in her car with Nalani who was in the backseat, sitting in a car seat.

Johnson told that his daughter and family member Justin Rouse were in the car with him on the day when this happened, as they travelled with Nancy in her black Toyota Yaris.

The police told that an argument took place inside the vehicle. Nancy asked the men to go out of her car, but she took the car and went off the scene even before Johnson could take Nalani out of the vehicle.

It’s yet to be confirmed what the argument was about, but police said Johnson and Nancy were in a moderate middle ground romantic relationship.

On September 3, police discovered Nalani’s body in Pine Ridge Park, which was highly wooded. She was still on her car seat with the belt strap on. Her body had no signs of torture.

Nancy is the sole suspect in the case, according to the attorney handling the case.

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