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Steve harrington will die in Stranger Things Season 4


Stranger Things has released three seasons yet. Still, it is adequate to form an opinion that the producers like killing characters that viewers have connected themselves with, one way or another, so it wouldn’t be astonishing if they kill a major character in time as well.

The team behind Stranger Things is currently working on the fourth season, whose streaming was one of the biggest questions after the release of season 3.

Season 1 of ‘Stranger Things’ featured the death of minor characters like Barb and the then apparent demise of Dr. Brenner. Season 2 decided that Bob Newly wasn’t going to make this time, and season 3 said goodbye to Billy and surprised viewers by supposedly killing off Jim Hopper.

If Stranger Things crew knows how to do something, it first creates a close relationship between viewers and the characters they are planning to get rid of.
The writers of Stranger Things might face a real challenge this time. They have to be more creative.

Creativity involves taking risks, and because they have a thing for killing relevant characters, Stranger Things should take things a bit further and kill off a fan favorite: Steve Harrington, which, if done well, would actually work wonders for both the series and characters. But this can also be a great opportunity for the writers to get creative now that they have a solid fanbase, and the series is well established.

Stranger Things always more or less focuses on underlying mystery, action, and a lot of emotions, but its prime strategy is always the same: an unknown threat from the Upside Down arrives to terrorize Hawkins, and Eleven is the one to save them, all while the bad guys from a laboratory or hospital trying to get in the way.

Even though the characters haven’t much either across different seasons, and season 3 completely wasted the opportunity to expand and develop relationships, not only between friends and romantic partners but with their families as well. This strategy has bought significant results for the previous three seasons, but it would become tiresome; the same strategy is repeated over and again.

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