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10 Long Delay DC Films That Could Find A New Home With GREEN LANTERN On HBO Max


Last night, WarnerMedia Entertainment unveiled its Netflix and Disney + rival, HBO Max.

Before the presentation, we came to know that Warner Bros. is developing DC Comics films for the streaming service, and it was later confirmed that the shows revolving around both Green Lantern and Strange Adventures were already in development.

The Green Lantern franchise has been on ice since the year 2011, and while a Green Lantern Corps film was scheduled to come our way at some point, it is now clear that it is being reformatted for the small screen.

This got us thinking about the big list of DC Films that are reportedly under the development and can now be brought to HBO Max, either as a limited series or as a film that will do with the Disney Lady and Trump Has been Needless to say, many of these are long overdue!


Joss Whedon signed up to write and also direct for Warner Bros. back in 2017, but her work on the Justice League (and the backlash from fans wanting to see a female filmmaker at the helm) was quickly ended. He would claim after about a year that he “has no story” for the protagonist.

Christina Hodgson (Birds of Pre) was working on the script the last time we received an update on the film, but it seems nowhere near as fast – much to the disappointment of comic book fans.

As the Green Lantern Corps becomes a TV series on HBO Max, exploring the character’s origin story and adventure in Gotham City will be a standalone show separate from Batman. Barbara Gordon is someone with a lot of potentials, and all you know is that anything related to DC’s Dark Knight will generate interest in this streaming service.

Justice League Dark

This is a heck of a ride for Justice League Dark. It all started when Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro began writing a screenplay, and it has since been through several filmmakers, and, most recently, we heard that the plan was now cancelled for the swamp-thing Thea would eventually lead the team coming together on the DC Universe. Streaming app.

While the Justice League may have hurt the brand to some extent, there is still a lot of interest in this supernatural team, and if it leads to a revival for the DC Universe’s Swamp-Thing, it will be a bonus.

Either way, this is a terrific team that could easily take centre stage in a low-budget horror film or a series that introduces these characters and later appears elsewhere in the DC Extended Universe. Maybe HBO Max can convince Del Toro to return as well?

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