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8 Biggest Unconfirmed Rumours About 2020 Movies.


It’s not much talked about just how favourable media coverage can be when you are making an effort to direct a successful film.

More news can generate in more curiosity, and due to this, the rumour mill is a crucial part of the hype before the release for any movie, whether big or small.

Rumours also provide fans with hopes, and they can expect about what they could see in the film, and though it can be a big disappointment if those expectations aren’t met, the first thoughts still give rise to the sensation of hype leading up to the movie.

2020 has a whole lot of movies that are in this same position. Let’s take a look at them:

8. Naomie Harris Will Play Shriek – Venom 2
Marvel Studios

It is for sure in the not so confirmed category, it’s still in rumour territory for now, until we hear get to know something officially from the production house.
As early as in October, there whispers going around that Naomie Harris (most famous for her role as Moneypenny in the last few Bond movies) was “in discussions” to get along the cast of Venom 2 as the Shriek who is a major villain character.

7) Everything about the Eternals:

While it’s pretty common for Marvel Cinematic Universe entries to remain covered in secrecy for as long as possible, we do know close to anything about The Eternals. So far, we only know about its cast of characters and a minor bit of plot outlines.

6) Godzilla vs Kong:

The previous one disappointed almost everyone. But this time around it is being reworked, and it’s going to be much better than ever. Of course, all of this is still in the rumour mill.

5) Black Mask’s Main Goal Is To Get Back Some Nude Pictures – Birds Of Prey

After seeing a solid look at Ewan McGregor’s version on Black Mask in the fresh new trailer for Birds of Prey, a lot of fans were left feeling unconvinced. However, there are rumours of the character being extroverted and gay, who is on a mission to get his nudes, which are inside a diamond.

4)Steve Trevor Will Be Revived By Maxwell Lord – Wonder Woman 1984

Steve T. did not die; it seems. He is coming back. Or is he?

3) Mushu is gone- Mulan

This rumour contains enough substance to sound believable as the film’s first trailer, which featured zero hints of Mushu’s appearance, nor did it give an insight to any of her singing.

2) No Time to Die-007

There are multiple endings to this, and our favorite spy, James Bond, might even die. Even though there is a sequel coming up, maybe we could still see 007 passes away. Nooo!

1) Remember the Black Widow movie?

The movie coming in 2020 about Black Widow has a cameo of……no guesses…. TONY STARK. Since the character tragic and heroic ending in The Endgame (and Robert Downey Jr’s contract ran out), fans have missed the billionaire superhero. So do we get to see him again?

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