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Ben Solo and Luke Skywalker Clash for the Knights of Ren in Marvel’s Kylo Ren.



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Marvel’s The Rise of Kylo Ren mini-series by Charles Soule and Will Sliney has released the covers for its second issue. The main cover drawn by Clayton Crain reveals Luke Skywalker and his nephew, Ben Solo, fighting the Knights of Ren.

The Knights of Ren were a mystifying order of elite soldiers. The Knights went along with the dark side of the force in an age where the Jedi order was destroyed, and the Sith were extinct. They were neither Sith Lords nor Jedi Knights. They were members of a new generation of Force warriors that emerged before the killing of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker’s apprentices. The most promising of his apprentices was Kylo Ren.

The different cover by Jodie Muir transforms Ben Solo to Kylo Ren in a picture styled like a Greek mask, showcasing the character’s duplicity. There were five Knights represented in the main cover. The one who is wearing a polished, glittering helmet has never been seen before in any official material.

 The solicitation indicated that the scene was a flashback to Kylo Ren’s first years with Luke, where they travelled together into the Unknown Regions.

The Rise of Kylo Ren will elucidate Ben Solo’s dark transformation into Kylo Ren. It started with the burning of Luke’s Jedi Temple. Soule expressed Ben Solo as a grievous character who belonged to a family that expected great things from him from the moment he was born.

He plans to explore the reasons because of which he made individual decisions, and a large part of that mission included getting into the skin of the Knights of Ren. He described them as “not good people, but people.”

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