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This Mexico Man Gets Life Sentence For Killing His Family When He Was A Teen.


Nearly 7 years after Nehemiah Greiga killed his parents and 3 young siblings – shooting his mother while she was sleeping, then pointing the gun on his brother and 2 other sisters before staying in and waiting for a few hours to ambush his father after he returned from work.

Nehemiah Griego was sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole. He was convicted of fatally shooting his mother and father and also his loving 3 siblings. He was subject to mental ill-treatment for juvenile offenders to which he was lazily non-responsive.

Today Alisa hart maintained that Griego did not respond well to the treatment it was not safe to continue his treatment on probation. She explained that releasing Griego back into society would put it on an unacceptable level of potential risk. She wrote “what is needed to balance both what is best for the community and what is best for Griego does not currently exist as a resource for the court to consider today.

The defence attorney Stephen Taylor called the court’s decision “Very Unfortunate” and argued that over the years Griego had endured abuse and undernourishment. So severe as a child that he suffered brain damage. Griego using riffles stored in his parent closet.

It was reported that Griego had first shot his mother, who was sleeping. He went on to shoot his nine-year-old brother zephermiah, 5-year-old sister Jael and 2-year-old sister Angelina.

His father, who was not at home for most of the night, was abused by Griego upon his return and was shot dead. The teen had spent most of the next day at the church before he was being arrested. Prosecutors were largely pleased with the sentence.

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