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The entire series of Modern Warfare is based on the intriguing and intense manner of modern war.

The question then arises of with a war set to happen anywhere and at any given time, where do you use ethics, and where do you do what has to be done?

In Call of Duty, this line is set on the chemical weapons. It’s easy to set it here because a vast number of people can agree that chemical weapons are terrifying. On the other hand, there are other horrors of war, some that Modern Warfare clearly shows in its missions. Just when it could point out a side of modern war, it gets back to square one. Modern Warfare puts a different and fresh presentation of history. Such strategies lead to a brilliant campaign and a solid multiplayer.


In one of the levels, you play Farah. She’s a young girl in war-prone Middle Eastern country. Her quest takes her from hiding from a deadly gas unleashed into her town and a Russian terrorist. To start: Kill a man, double your size, with his gun.

The overall experience is uncomfortable, Still, it demonstrates how Farah becomes the leader of a union of freedom fighters, refuses to use chemical weapons and deal with anyone who does the same. That’s the line she won’t cross in spite of what she’s suffered.

Farah works as a compass-like persona that guides Modern Warfare on morals. A few key characters like Sgt. Kyle Garrick, American soldier Alex “Echo 3-1” and Farah work with this rule, but otherwise, the rules get murkier. Tugging between freedom fighters, Russian terrorists, and a group from Sarah country, US and UK military personnel don’t agree on how to deal with this situation – matters like disobeying orders, sacrifices for saving other’s lives, taking the general civilians hostage and even torture to an extent. And above all these matters, is the moral compass of Captain Price.

Captain Price is an undeniable favourite from the original Modern Warfare. He’s the classic badass that takes the lead on all the Garrick missions. Early missions with him are splendid. You take orders from him to save as many people as possible from the Russians, but it’s at the cost of waiting and watching innocent lives sacrificed while a decision is made.

The missions are intense from raids on camps to high octane firefights. Through all of this, Price is the mentor for all the mechanical skills and knowledge.

Alex’s missions remind of the original Modern Warfare’s “All Ghillied Up” His dynamics with Farah work fine as they both believe in the same cause and strive with the same motives. He follows her unto the turf, but his missions don’t stand out much in the gameplay sense. You only play as Farah a fee times as she only drives the story forward. It gets established that she is a strong and respected leader with a strong will.

The tension builds through the campaign as the characters are genuine and well made, to the point that you can justify their actions and morals, but you’re left with a “we did what we had to” emotion rather than anything solid. Modern Warfare’s ending isn’t bad, and it leaves you thinking harder.

All it does, though, is letting Farah down with a weird and well-discussed addition of white phosphorus as a killstreak in multiplayer. Based on how much emphasis is given go chemical weapons and a war crime, the game is tone-deaf to include it in multiplayer.

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