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Captain America Star Chris Evans Trolled For His Halloween Tweet By Chris Pratt


Since all the fans were stunned by all of the extraordinary and nerdy costumes from stars and several celebrities on the event of Halloween week, and many of them took Twitter to share their Halloween costumes and pictures of them dressed as different characters.

Many Marvel Stars acknowledged the holiday on Social media, including Robert Downey Jr. And Mark Ruffalo. He formerly shared sort of fun Hulk costumes along with special Halloween message. Chris Evans was the next of the major Marvel characters to post about Halloween instead of sharing costume or any goofy thing, Evans just wished his followers a Happy Halloween and shared his favourite time and place.

Just like everyone else sharing their pictures on social media, a kid dressed as Dracula stepped out for some trick-or-treat during the Halloween week. He shared a video of him making his way to doorstep seeking treats and worried for other kids ad there are no treats left in the neighbourhood, he pulled out some chocolates from his bag and filled up the bowl. This cute video won Chris Evans heart as he shared the video and wrote: “Don’t ever change Jackson!”

In reply to this, Chris Pratt tweets back “Cmon Chris. He can’t go to school dressed like Dracula. And with a more genuine response “oh.. wait. Now I get it. By “never change” you meant… Continue to be thoughtful and generous because the world needs more of that. You’re great kid Jackson.”

Both the stars Pratt and Evans were seen in Marvel’s Avengers Endgame. While it was the last for Evans, but Pratt still has one more MCU movie left.

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