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Rockstar: GTA 5 to Introduce Halloween Update 2019 See What’s Exciting.


The most theft-adventure video game series enjoyed by people; Grand Theft Auto has received a fantastic Halloween update features which introduce more spooky and challenges to the game this year.

On the 31st October, the parent company of British Development House Rockstar North; Rockstar Games, released GTA 5 Online update, available on PS4, PC, and Xbox. The excitement this update carries are numerous:

The Halloween decorates all around the streets of Los Santos, Blaine County and even Diamond Casino in the game with more horrifying features and tasks for the players to play.

The Diamond Casino got a modification where players can change new fashions, good-looking Casino Store merchandise, and clothing. The eerie is advanced with the addition of sightings of Peyote growing wild in the arid soils surrounding Mt. Chiliad. Also, the updated Halloween theme added exposure of sleek vehicles such as Franken Stange and Lurcher Hearse.

Moreover, the Legendary Rampant Rocket will as well return on a three-wheel amplified and powered fantasy. The Casino Car, Rampant Rocket, defies all logic. It is dubbed “a supercharged fantasy on wheels”, it looks like it belongs on a racetrack in Mad Max.

GTA Online introduction of the new Survival Series – Project 4808 has replaced the awaited desire to Storm Area 51 promised by the Rockstar games.

“The new Alien Survival Series lets you play as an extraterrestrial, fighting off wave after wave of heavily armed NOOSE teams, FIB agents and the Marines across seven maps.” Its modes shall offer double rewards this week. Halloween is no exception to discounts for weekly updates as GTA Online does.

Additionally, Twitch Prime members who have linked their accounts to Rockstar Games Social Club will attract an additional 10% off all of the weekly sale items, an extra 10% off the Rampant Rocket and all Halloween masks, and reimbursements for the cost of Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499 and the Lago Zancudo Bunker.

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