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Actress Adele Haenel accuses film director of sexual harassment, know the full case.


French cinema actress Adele Haenel has accused famous director Christophe Ruggia of sexual harassment. Haenel, 30, who has won many awards for her outstanding performances, including two French Oscars, said she was subject to “permanent sexual harassment” by Christophe Ragia, aged 12 to 15 when she made her first film of 2002 Was and was promoting it. , Devils, in which he played an autistic role with a girl.

She said she bid after watching American pop star Michael Jackson’s child victim documentary Leaving Neverland. When she realizes that Ragia needs to make another film with teenagers, she decides to go public.

Adele alleges that Christophe sexually assaulted her when she was 15 years old. According to news from the French website MediaPart, Christophe gave Adele the opportunity to act in his 2002 film The Devils. During the shooting of this film, Christophe touched and kissed Adele in an unwanted way.

According to the news, Adele tried to tell people many times about the incident that happened to her, but people found her talk a publicity stunt. This was Adele’s case even before the Meitu campaign.

As she said, after watching Michael Jackson’s documentary Living Neverland she got the courage to tell the world about his incident. At the same time, director Christophe has denied all these allegations of Adele as absolutely false. Christophe has stated that he and Hennel had enjoyed a “professional and affectionate” relationship, which was by no means unpleasant.

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