PUBG Mobile Season To Come On November 9 With All New Skins And Weapons.


After the recent payload mode of the 0.15.0 update, Tencent is all ready to introduce the PUBG’s Season 10 of the Royale Pass. The coming season is scheduled to start from November 10 as the current season will be ending on November 9.

The New Season will have a new character named Sara as leaked through sources, and it will bring new themes, missions, items and a lot more. Sara will introduce a host of new emotes, costumes and will bring a tactical advantage as well.

The PUBG Season 10 will be called “Fury of the Wasteland” and will have Mad Max inspired theme according to the leaks. The new Royale Pass might come with rewards along with a new parachute skin and M249 skin. The game can also be a new dessert theme.

There are a variety of costumes, which include the Apocalypse Guardian Set, Snowflake Girl Set, Irradiated Frog Set and many more. No doubt they are going to look much better than the current one.

The Season 10 will be adding a new gun to the artillery. The MP5K machine gun will make all its way to the game. It supports all attachments including muzzle, sight, magazine, foregrip. The new update of the vehicle is also expected, which is known as Zima with stylish looks and carrier on the top. The all-new exclusive vehicle will be available in the snow-covered map of Vikendi.


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