Red Dead Redemption-2 is OUT now for PC.


After years of waiting, we finally have a Red Dead Redemption game on Windows PC, and it’s new since November of last year. Tuesday morning marked the PC launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 – now available to buy exclusively through Rockstar Games Launcher for $ 60 and so check out this PC port. Tell us, How was it?

It comes in all flesh-enclosed galleries, including near-maximum settings in all resolutions of the original 1440p, and the game’s temporary anti-aliasing (TAA) toggle was “high”. I’ve only done enough testing to get through the early icy part of the campaign, although the game’s built-in benchmark mode (below) includes a lot of external footage. It was already capable of thresholding after 120fps and cranked performance (after upgrading a bunch of settings), although random performance spikes – usually beginning with sharp cuts in cinematic scenes – made me.

RDR2 face and body animations were never created for this type of high speed. An adequate and accurate presence on a closed console at 30fps means that when the camera dominates, and the particles move at high speeds, a final minor gene comes on. Unlike some weird rhythms at 30fps, all the animations from the up-close characters run at an organic pace.  Whether the distance is the same for the provided NPC is not yet clear.

The RDR2 famously came with control latency issues on the console. While you’re not going to get the immediate twitch response of a shooter in this PC version, we’re back to a respectable tap-and-response time on PC Who Are coming Thank you for the luxury of the stage.

Now, there is no way to buy or download this game via Steam; Rockstar has reduced the fees of other retailers using its launchers following the likes of Epic, EA and Ubisoft. The Steam version will follow in December of this year, although it looks like it will also need the Rockstar Games Launcher, in a way that the Grand Theft Auto V PC version will require this year’s RGL was patched.


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