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Bigg Boss 13, November 6 Full Episode’s preview: I will make sure you are out of the game: Angry Mahira threatens ‘Shukla Ji’


The episode begins with fast and furious contestants throwing boxes to their respective sides. During the heated task, Mahira and Siddharth were snatching a bag and due to Siddharth’s force, Mahira fell down and got hurt. This incident provoked fiery Mahira and resulted in an ugly fight with Siddhartha. Later, Siddhartha and Paras also had a verbal one-on-one as Siddhartha went physical with Paras as well.

As the task continued, verbal fights kept going on between Shehnaz Gill- Arti and often between Sid- Paras and Sid- Mahira. Himanshi was left in tears due to Shehnaz’s attitude which showed us the caring and emotional side of ‘Bhau’ where he consoled her very lovingly.

Things went worst when the Asim team stole bags from Paras’ team. Angry Shehnaz Gill threw all the bags on Asim which again resulted in a heated argument between the housemates. But that is very obvious in the house.

The stealing incident left Mahira showing her outburst by shouting, abusing and hurting her. Paras and Arhan came forward to calm her down.

Later, the Paras team decided to not go further in the task as they considered stealing as cheating.
To resolve the issue, Bigg Boss called every house member to gather in the hall but Shehnaz Gill denies Bigg Boss ordered.

Bigg boss condemned Siddhartha for going physical during the task and left him with a warning and in punishment, he nominated him for two consecutive weeks and also canceled this round of task. The Big Boss also punished Shehnaz Gill for disrespecting him and nominated her for one week.

Later, Big Boss called Shehnaz Gill to confession room, where Shehnaz Gill had a breakdown one more time and she expressed her insecurities about Siddhartha mingling with Himanshi. She also shared with Bigg Boss that she wants to be friends with Himanshi. Bigg boss boosted her up and a smiling Shehnaz Gill came out of the confession room.

The housemates woke up dancing on proper patola track which relaxed their minds but in Bigg Boss house, the peace can’t stay for long. The morning began with an argument between Arti and Mahira about Siddhartha as he was sleeping due to sickness.

Further, the housemates found that the Atta was missing. Some claimed that Bigg Boss took it whereas some thought it as a rationing mistake.

Last but not least the breakfast table witnessed a ‘Verbal Dangal’ but this time it was between Tehseen and Asim.

Later on, ‘Bhau’ gave stomachache to housemates as he taught Tehseen the famous ‘Khamosh’ dialogue.

The task continued and will be continued in the upcoming episode.

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