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Bigg Boss 13 Preview: Is Shehnaz Gill wants to fly-solo?


As we saw in Monday’s episode that a new rivalry is sparking up between Asim and Arhan Khan in Bigg Boss 13.

The nomination argument continued on the dining table as well. Shehnaaz brings the ‘roti-riots’ into action leaving Arhaan arguing from her side with Asim. Later, Siddhartha joined Asim against Arhaan and took the argument to the next level.

Ultimately the argument brings the boys of the house feminizing each other with abuses, which made ‘Bhau’ leaving them with a warning about not bringing females into their fight.

Later, Bigg Boss gave them the “transportation task” where the two teams, team Paras: Sehnaaz, Mahira, Khesari, Arhaan, Tehseen, and team Asim: Siddhartha, Arti, Himanshi, Shefali and Vikas had to compete against each other in bringing more goods to their side in the truck. The task will affect the next captaincy.

The task started with hustle- bustle between the teams. Later, the ‘brothers’ Asim and Siddharth got into an argument with each other. Siddharth asked Asim to ‘fly solo’ but both cleared everything between them and hugged each other. The first round of task was won by Team Asim. Team Paras have to name one housemate who will not be in the game for further.

Paras took Mahira’s name which left her in shock and heartbreak but later Sehnaaz asked him to tear her name as she wants to enjoy the game as a viewer.
Mahira shared her complain of Paras and he tried to convince her.

Overall the entire episode was filled with a lot of heated arguments. The boys of the house kept the red bar high with all their words and anger for each other.

The episode also witnessed the heartbreaking friendship of Siddharth, Asim, Arti, and Shehnaz where the old friends were seen speaking against each other.

The show ended with the buzzer for the second round of the task which left the housemates running here and there for the goods. Accidently Mahira falls down which led Paras and Siddhartha to go physical with each other.

Wednesday episode is going to be an interesting one as Sehnaaz is going to confess her heartbreak confession with the Big Boss. Also, Mahira and Siddhartha will be seen getting into a fiery argument and the most interesting Bigg Boss verdict on Siddhartha Shukla getting Physical during the task.

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