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Deadpool 3 Already In Production By The Marvel Studios.


After The Walt Disney Studios has acquired Fox, there have been many controversies about the future and upcoming characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In contrast, some of the Marvel characters are expected to undergo a reboot with new characters for the roles. But except with Deadpool.

The Deadpool star Ryan Remolds will continue to portray the anti-hero in the Marvel Universe. He had recently visited the head executive for the upcoming Deadpool film.

The work of the upcoming Deadpool 3 might begin soon. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are waiting for the confirmation from Reynolds to start with the writing of Deadpool 3. Deadpool in 2016, the franchise broke more records when David Leitch took over for Deadpool 2. Though Deadpool 3 is up in the air.

This would be another big project though only another movie announced or in development that would be Hawkeye, which uses fingers to launch projectiles that are more like of gun.

Although Ryan is a perfect fit as a Deadpool character, with Marvel’s yearly film chart expanding on top of the several Disney shows as well as inheriting the output of Marvel Television, it will be quite exciting and interesting to see where Deadpool will take.

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