Allex Collins is an American football running back now he is currently a free agent. This guy spent his two years or seasons with the Baltimore Ravens before getting released following an arrest. He also played college football at Arkansas.

The footballer or the free agent had a massive jug of weeds, and he also had a gun on the floorboards of his crashed Corvette, and the police video obtained by TMZ sports shows that the police is making the shocking find and arresting the NFL RB for it.

Collins went down the road at around 4:30 am near the Baltimore Ravens’s practise facility in Owings Mills, Maryland when he was a member of that team back in this year March 2019.

There is a video of the scene, and there we will see that the cops are pulling up to the scene shortly after the crash and that is a pretty wild. Collin’s pricey ride which looks like the Batmobile is seen crashed against some trees and the car is stuck in a snowy ditch, and the footballer appears to be asleep when the cops open the door of his car. Collins explains to the police that he had crashed his car earlier in the morning and he was waiting for the tow, but after Collins had some issue with his expired tags, the things got dicey for the 25-year-old guy.

The cops then hit him with a ticket, but he explains that he could smell a strong odour of marijuana from the car as well and the cops ask him straight up how much weed he has in his crashed car. The running back or Collins explains that he doesn’t know anything he said that those belonged to his buddy, named Tykheem also known as “TJ” Dunaway, who was a passenger in the car earlier but had walked instead of sticking around it.

TJ eventually showed up in the crash scene, and after the cops discovered the jug of marijuana weeds and also a firearm in the car, the cops put Collins in cuffs and questioned TJ. Then the things went around TJ told the cops that the weed belonged to Collins. But eventually both the dudes were arrested for possession of the marijuana weed while Collins was also booked for having a handgun in his car.

Collins fought the case in the court for months, but in October, he agreed to a plea deal in which he was found guilty.

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