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Are Kylie And Drake Officially Dating? Reacts Travis Scott.


Lately, Kylie Jenner and Drake have sparkling romance rumours after a couple and moments of hangouts. Everything is what it seems. It was just over a month ago that kylie got split from Travis Scott. The couple share daughter Stormi, they decide to break on their relationship after two years together.

Travis has no ill will to any of Kylie’s friends. Also, Kylie and Drake have been good friends for a long time. Recently Kylie and Drake’s friendship has taken a romantic move. At Halloween, they were affectionate and together. They romantically see each other. Drake also showed up at Kendall Jenner’s Birthday lately.

They both are neighbours living in the same area of Los Angeles, and they have been hanging out together. Kylie and Drake’s friendship is convenient but strictly platonic. Drake is notorious when it comes to flirting with all of his girlfriends and with kylie have a great dynamic. They are not hooking up, but Kylie enjoys when he is around. It might turn into something more than friends. Kylie considers herself single currently. Travis Is aware of Drake being around Kylie and isn’t surprised or fazed.

Travis thinks that he and Kylie will get back together soon and isn’t worried about it. Travis is currently busy working on his new music and has been travelling but whenever he gets the time he spends the most with Kylie and Stormi.

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