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Chris Hemsworth Wants To Work With Chris Evans And Robert Downey Junior In New Movie.


Chris Hemsworth in the ACE Comic-Con in the Midwest replied to the question if he would like to get together with the cast of Avengers. To this, Chris replied that he would love to hang out with the cast. He said that when End Game to an end, he thought about he can do with other actors to hang out with them on the set. He said that he would like to make a remake of Three Amigos with Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans.

Three Amigos is an 80s silent comedy American movie. The three silent actors are mistaken to be heroes by a Mexican village. They are put on the front line to fight the evil bandits.

This weekend, at Comic-Con, Chris Evans was told the idea of Hemsworth. He replied that he would be more than glad to again work with the cast. He was excited about the idea of a remake of Three Amigos. He said that the actors would be seen in a different light. They would be viewed out of the characters they are known for.

Chris Hemsworth is still in his Asgardian role. He will appear in Thor: Love and Thunder set to be released in 2021. Chris Evans is starring Knives Out, and Robert Downey Jr. will star in Dolittle which will be released in 2020.

The bromance that these actors share is another level of stuff. There are videos of the cast hanging out on the set and enjoying their meals in their costumes. Having worked for so long together, the Avengers are a close-knit group. They may have differences, but they will always have each other’s back just like in the Avengers.

Such friendship is important in the industry. Many feuds go around in Hollywood. These feuds are a result of a misunderstanding. Amidst all this, a friendship like this is a gift.

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