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England Women V/S Germany Women: How to watch international friendly on TV and live stream.


Women Friendlies

On Saturday, 11th November, England will be hosting a soccer match between England and Germany. The game will air at 5.30 pm. This match will be held in the Wembley stadium. The stadium is sold out. This means that 90,000 fans will be attending to watch the game.

Since all the tickets are sold-out, fans will have to switch to TV or online sites to watch the game. It will be available on BBC2 from 5.15 pm. BBC iPlayer can also be used on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Fans can go to online sites as well. Women Friendlies have gained attention, and it is reflected by the sold-out tickets of the Wembley Stadium. It gained momentum in the summer heroics of England’s World Cup.

It had record TV viewers. Lionesses will have to win this match. They should not be defeated on their home grounds. If they win this one, then it will be a step towards the Euro 2021. It is likely for Germany to win this match. Until now, England has won only one game. Germany has defeated Ukraine, Greece, and Montenegro. They have a total of 31 goals in the last 4 games. They will be a difficult opponent for England.

England would need all the cheer and morale that it can get from its fans and nation to win this one because Germany surely did not come to lose. The Lionesses are also competitive. They have qualified for FIFA Women’s World Cup five times. They are governed by the Football Association (FA) since 1993.

The German Football Association governs Germany’s Women Football team. Germany won the Olympics in 2016. They are recipients of FIFA Player of the Year three times. Matches as such are viewed as the development of women in the patriarch society. Football is the male-dominated game. Viewers tune in to watch the men football game instead of women. Women’s participation in sports has increased over the years.

This increase has come about by years of fighting for rights. Even though there is an increase in the number of female participation, it is still not encouraged.
Many women around the world will tell you that they were not supported, bullied or discouraged to have a career in sports.

It is this thinking that needs to be changed. This change is evident from the sold-out stadium and not any other stadium; it is the Wembley. Women’s participation can be improved further, and it will soon be encouraged.

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