Google is trolling Nexus owners with a Pixel 4 deal that doesn’t even work.


Google Pixel 4

Google has launched its new Pixel 4, which far from being perfect than its earlier smartphones. It comes with a lot of issues. Its refresh rate is less than that of entry-level iPhone 11. Since it is a Google phone, it is expensive. It is costly than the cheapest iPhone.

Pixel 4 has 2017 design. It also has a design flaw. The flaw is that it bends easily. Google has an ad to buy Pixel 4; customers can trade-in their Nexus. The ad-makers might have forgotten that Nexus is not available for trade-ins. The customers can sell the phone on other sites and use it to buy Pixel 4. Although Pixel 4 is better than Nexus 6P, it still has its flaws as already stated above. Google Pixel 4 also does not have wireless charging. It also needs some software fixes after its release in the market.

Google is an American company whose specialty is internet-related services. They provide with Google sear engine, YouTube and Gmail. It is the biggest internet company in the world. It owns the famous OS, Android Operating System. Google Pixel was a great hit. All its Pixel phones have been a huge success so far. It is with time to become challenging to bring in new updates into the already advanced technology.

Humans always want more, and they always strive to be better than they are now. Similarly, with phone technology, there are updates that a layman cannot think about. With such updates, the price of phones shoots up. It is profitable for the company, but more than half of the population would not be able to afford and, thus, they remain oblivious of new advancements.

The poor people have started buying smartphones in recent years. It is now that they are getting a taste of the new tech. Advancements do bring in money, boosts the economy and the human race moves ahead but just a fraction of it. This is because many are poor and cannot afford it.


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