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Halloween Kills First Look Clip Teases How Michael Myers Survived.


Halloween Kills is the sequel of Halloween released in 2018. The shooting for Halloween started earlier this October. It is set to be released in 2020 and followed by Halloween Ends in 2021.

Halloween is an American slasher film. David Gordon Green directed it. Jamie Lee Curtis played the role of Laurie Strode, and Nick Castle played the role of Michael Myers. It is the eleventh movie in the series of Halloween from 1978. It is a direct sequel.

In the movie, Michael Myers stalks Laurie Strode. Laurie decided for a showdown for him. This happened forty years after surviving his killing spree. She has been traumatized by the stalking. She confronts him on Halloween night with her daughter.
After the confrontation, Michael is left in the basement of a burning house. It was a trap set up by Laurie’s death. Somehow, Michael survives, which is evident from the footage released by Jamie Lee Curtis.

The footage gives a glimpse of what will happen. It does not reveal the plot twists, but it shows Jamie on a stretcher with bloodied hands and Michael outside the burning house with something in his hands. Possibly a weapon he used to escape the basement. After surviving the basement, Myers continues to stalk the Strode women. He goes on to kill anyone who comes in his way.

Everyone in the world faces stalking. It is mostly women. They are usually casual and do not mean anything. But there are cases that it might get out of hands. It is important to take action and inform the authorities.

The victims of stalking are left traumatized. It becomes hard for them to trust anyone who comes along their way. People think if stalking is a crime or a mistake. The straight answer to this is that mistakes are committed unintentionally, whereas stalking is committed intentionally.

Their motive might not be to hurt their target, but it harms them in one way or another. Stalking is a crime.

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