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James Dean to return to the screen after 6 decades of death, a character created from old photos and videos.


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James Dean is going to be alive again in films 6 decades after his death. James will appear in the movie Finding Jack based on the Vietnam War. Magic City Film is producing the film. However, it is being condemned by many fans. The 24-year-old James left the world in 1955 after a car accident.

The ‘East of Eden’ star James, who was the famous face of the American film industry in the 50s, is once again coming in front of the audience. 64 years after his death, the director has created the character with the help of the CGI technique for the old videos and photos of the actor. Producer Anton Angst said that “We are very proud that his family helped us. While making the film, we will take the utmost care to preserve the image and legacy of the actor.”


Fans have started reacting ever since the news of James Dean returning to the screen. Many people have called it an insulting experiment to James. According to a website article, there are 35 actors in the film who could have been given a chance. While Nerdist journalist Lindsey Romain described it as a terrible experiment. According to Captain America Chris Evans, this is embarrassing.

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