We all know the former Lady of The United States Of America, she is launching her new campaign, and that is ‘When We All Vote Campaign’ and surprisingly the famous singer Selena Gomez is the co-chair there. The United States of America is less than a year away from their 2020 presidential election, and the former Lady wants to get YOU to vote or to get registered to vote. Hollywood life is collaborating with them, and so there are some stars.

As the first Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama she had a first-hand view for around eight years of what happens when the people exercise their democratic right to vote. The elect a President, Senators, then the House of Representatives members, Governors of the States and also the state local officials, they make policies and law that affect the lives of every American, maybe in a perfect way.

Now the former First Lady of America is very much being passionate about making sure that YOU exercise your democratic right and also have a say in what their country is doing so. To ensure this, the former Lady is launching her second “When We All Vote” campaign and that is today, November 7th and a source named Hollywood Life is one of their partners. The readers and the writers of this article should feel and understand that what the former Lady is trying to do and they should vote the right one be their President.

Michelle Obama launched her campaign for the 2018 midterms, and she registered thousands of new voters. Her efforts of doing so were very much effective across the country, where the effect is setting off a vast blue wave of voters and the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, amassing the majority of 235 seats.

To help spread this important message, she enlisted some co-chairs, and they are Selena Gomez, Faith Hill, Janelle Monae, Megan Rapinoe, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and many more who will help her in doing this.

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