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The top 5 Most Epic Superhero Entrances


Everyone, including the adults, is a fan of superheroes. Superheroes are badass, and their entrances are as epic as can be. Here are the 5 greatest ones.

Superheroes are known for really badass entries with epic, jaw-dropping scenes that induce unprecedented excitement and cheers from the audience. Nothing can beat the thrill of witnessing the arrival of a fan-favourite hero in a crucial moment. 

The scene gets more interesting when a triumphant song starts playing in the background. They will do everything to protect the innocent. Every superhero’s entry formula is familiar. But not all epic superhero entrances are created equal. Some are more awesome than the others.

 1. Superman – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Superman always shows up to save the day. And this is perhaps his most epic superhero entry. His entry in the movie may be the most iconic of all great superhero entrances. This movie is a first where Bruce Wayne meets Superman, an alien from another planet.

In a particular scene, Superman breaks the ceiling and lands in front of the General. Lois, his girlfriend, smiles despite being at gunpoint. Superman smiles and flies towards him, breaking down the wall behind them but leaving his girlfriend unharmed.

 2. Hulk – Avengers

Hulk, also known as Bruce Banner, is a prologue to the Avengers. Bruce Banner turning himself into the Hulk, totally depends on his heart rate. In the movie Avengers when Bruce turns into Hulk which he can control is one of the best superhero entry scenes. In that scene, before turning into Hulk, he says that he’s always angry and after that, he stops the flying monster with his punch. This won the hearts of the audience and immediately gave them goosebumps.

 3. Wonder Woman – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

In this movie, Wonder Woman made her first appearance. That scene is also one of the most epic superhero entry scenes as Wonder Woman, also known as Gal Gadot saves Batman from Lex Luthor who turned into a monster. In the scene, it looks like Batman is about to die and then our superhero Wonder Woman comes into the scene with the classical background music.

 4. Spiderman – Captain America: Civil War

MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced Tom Holland as the new Spiderman in Captain America: Civil War. Tony Goes to Peter Parker specifically to recruit him and offers him an advanced Spiderman suit to fight in. Spiderman also makes the most epic superhero entry when Iron Man calls him saying. ‘Underoos’and then he comes snatching Captain America’s shield.

 5. Iron Man – Avengers: Infinity War

In Avengers: Infinity War, Iron Man has a new suit made with nanotechnology. The way Tony touches his chest opens his suit makes that particular scene one of the most epic superhero entrances. His suit is super cool.

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