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This American rapper has won three Grammy Awards, gets his daughter a virginity test every year.


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Clifford Harris, popularly known as American rapper TI, has recently made a big statement about his daughter in a show. The rapper said, ‘Look, I’m telling you. My daughter is 18 years old, and her hymen is perfectly safe. ‘ He has been in the news ever since the rapper’s statement, while some people are praising his statement on social media, while some people are also strongly opposing it.

TI recently reached a podcast show, the title of this podcast was – Ladies Like Us. In the show, the rapper was asked the question of whether he talks to his daughter about sex. Anchor’s question was about sex education here. To this, TI said that when his elder daughter goes to the gynaecologist, he also goes along.

During the chat on the show, the rapper said, ‘After examining the daughter, the doctor told me that we would need permission from your daughter to share the information (Hymen is safe or not) with you. After this, I told my daughter that those doctors want you to give your signature. So that they can share this information with us. Is there anything you don’t want to tell me? Then I told the doctor, see you, my daughter has no problem in sharing information with me ‘.

TI further explained on the show that, ‘The doctor said that apart from sex, there are many other reasons why hymen can break. Such as cycling, sports, horse riding. Any type of athletics type of physical activity can cause the hymen to break down. To this, I (TI) replied to the doctor that my daughter neither rides a bicycle nor lives in any kind of sports. Please see his hymen and tell me the test result as soon as possible. I want to tell you that my daughter’s hymn in her 18th year is perfectly safe.

Let me tell you that this is not the first time that rapper TI is in the headlines. Earlier in 2009, he had spent seven months in jail for illegally buying machine guns. At the same time, two years after that, in 2011 also, the rapper was in prison for ten months on the drugs case. On the professional front, TI has won three Grammy Awards.

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