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Twilight series hit heroine Kristen will look different this time.


The makers of the movie Charlie’s Angels, which are going to be released in India next week, are very excited about the famous actress Kristen Stewart, who has become the favourite actress of youth from the films of The Twilight Series. Charlies Angels first appeared on the big screen 19 years ago. The film, released next week, is the story of these characters today.

Charlie’s Angels are the story of three female spies who act at the behest of an invisible force. The story of these detectives has been a big-screen hit every time, and Elizabeth Banks, the director of the new Charlie’s Angels, believes that Kristen’s character will be most surprising in this time story.

Elizabeth Banks embellishes the new incarnation of this traditional tale of three female spies. This time, these spies are not only going to present themselves as per the new age, but they will also look cooler this time.

On Kristen’s discussion, Banks says, “People have seen Kristen differently so far, but they have no idea how much she is going to do this time.

Her character is quite funny and the mischievous smile on his face while smacking crooks directly affects the heart. She is also the heart and soul of the film Charlie’s Angels. She likes to act like a team leader who walks with everyone. “The film Charlies Angels” is shot at some of the most excellent locations in the world. This time, these Angels will be seen running enemies from Rio to Istanbul.


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