Wonder Woman: DC Releases Image From New Comic Series


Wonder Woman’s new comic Dead Earth is soon coming out. An image from the comic was shared on Twitter by DC editor Andy Khouri.

In Dead Earth, Wonder Woman wakes up from centuries-long slumber to find the Earth on ruins. Abominations are ruling it. She has to protect the last surviving human race from these abominations. Diana will go on to find out how did Earth came to become what it is. This discovery will truly test her love for humanity. She will have to rethink if humans deserve the love she has to offer.

In the released image, Wonder Woman can be seen slaughtering the monster. The blood is splattered everywhere. There are human warriors in medieval armour and using weapons to aid the battle.

DC Black publishes Dead Earth. It has been doing this for a year now. They began with Batman: Damned and Superman: Year One. They publish the storyline for a more mature audience. They have reprinted Dark Knight Returns, Red Son, All-Star Superman, and others.

Dead Earth depicts the situation that Earth will be under in the near future. The way the humans are exploiting and running out of resources, the day is not far away that Dead Earth will become a reality. There is a lot of waste and nowhere to dispose of it. There is no way to get rid of waste. Soon there will be miles and miles of waste instead of land and oceans. Even at these alarming times, people are in denial that Earth will come around and that everything will be alright.

This might not be a case to indemnify Earth; actions need to be taken to restore its reserves. To begin with, people should start with sustainable resource consumption. In this way, there always will be something for future generations.

People who are aware have started planting trees and started conserving resources. Actions are in progress, but it is not enough until everyone gives in their 100%. Earth can be turned back around to its glory.


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