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When is Ares coming to Netflix, Release Date, Cast, Plot And Trailer


It is the first Netflix Original production from the Netherlands, which is scheduled to release on January 17th, 2020.

This series is a psychological horror and thrilling story involving a secret student society in Amsterdam where two best friends Rosa and Jacob get manipulated by a different world of just money and power.

They soon realize that the world in which they entered is a devilish world having its roots in secrets of Netherlands’ deep past, where the potential to control true power holds an awful price for all.

This story is set in the Dutch Golden Age and flows into the domain of diabolic situations that shows how the secret student society has a taste of such a demonic world which they would have never even thought of.

The doorway to this demonic world opens when the students make the decision of choosing power and wealth and are completely unaware that some rules are not meant to be broken.

This Dutch show has a completely different thought on ‘Psychological Horror’. Hence, the show is very unique and will want the audience to wait and see how the creators convey what they have in mind.

This series will have eight episodes that will involve the secret student society trying to untangle the deep secrets of the past. Ares is produced by Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten and Sander Van Meurs and created by the production company called Pupkin. The episodes are written by Winchester Mcfly.

This show will be starring Jade Olieberg, playing Rosa and Tobias Kersloot playing Jacob, which are the lead roles as they are the ones who step into the dark world and try to   Obtain wealth and power. The other casting members are Lisa Smith who is Carmen Zwanenberg and Robin Boissevain who is Roderick Van Hall, in the show.

Here is the teaser for Ares:

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