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When is Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator coming to Netflix, Release Date, Cast, Plot And Trailer


Bikram Chaudhry is the one who brought hot yoga in the lives of people. He designed 26 asanas in the procedure. Hot yoga got famous in the 70s. Hot yoga or Bikram Yoga is to be performed at certain room temperature and at 40% humidity.

Bikram has 600 studious worldwide as in 2012. 330 studios of which are in the United States. Bikram had gained popularity through his yoga and there are many who preach him.

Netflix is coming out with a documentary on Bikram Chaudhary, named, Bikram: Yoga, Guru, Predator. Bikram is no doubt a great yoga instructor and he pushes the limits of his students. A typical class lasts for 90-minutes.

In the documentary, viewers can see hoe Bikram gained popularity and how he was at the center of many controversies. Bikram has been accused by many women of sexual harassment. They say that Bikram would call them in his office and tell them that they can be famous if they stay close to him.

In May 2013, two lawsuits were filed against Chaudhary. He was charged for sexual battery, false imprisonment, harassment, and others.

Minakshi “Micki” Jafa-Boden who was in charge of the case says in the documentary that she has witnessed him harass women and that she herself was a victim.

Bikram did not speak on this matter until in an interview with Boughen on CNN. He denied all the allegations. He also said that he was interested in having a sexual relationship with any of his students or any woman.

He said that they would threaten him that they would commit suicide if he did not comply with their demands.

In the documentary, there are interviews with the women who filed a lawsuit against him. They give the full anecdote of what happened. There are people who say that Chaudhary is a predator and there are people who say that the girls asked for it.

A Washington Post printed an article on how much importance is given to the yogis and ask whether it is wise to do so.

The documentary is set to release on 20th November and it will surely strike a controversy.

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