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Jessica Chastain As JOKER, Tom Hiddleston As DAREDEVIL, & More Great Celeb Halloween Costumes


Halloween has finally bid a farewell, leaving behind a couple of most amazing Halloween Celeb costumes.

As always, Jessica Chastain didn’t disappoint us this time dressing as the Joker; she looked stunning while Tom Hiddleston as the Daredevil and Charlie Cox as Loki interchanged each other’s Marvel characters. Celebs like Demi Lovato, Halsey, and Nina Dobrev also shared with looks on the social media handles. Dressed in an orange sweatshirt, Nina looked quite stunning.










While Kendall Jenner was looked like a real fairy, dressed up in golden dress coupling up with equally pretty golden wings, sitting on a white horse. Majority of dresses were based on the superhero themes, be it Captain America, Spiderman etc. while Heidi Klum’s bizarre creation has managed to outshine amongst all.

Amazingly, the last Halloween of this decade has passed, thus leaving us with so many good memories. To sum up, it was a fantastic decade. According to the sources, these Halloween costumes were not picked up at Party City. The dresses are customised by the most amazing makeup artists, hair stylists in Los Angeles, USA.

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