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Charles Benjamin Rogers, he was an American professional player, he was the wide receiver of three seasons in the National Football League.

Warrior superstar Draymond Green who is a native of Saginaw, Michigan like same as Rogers he got emotional talking about his friend Rogers death on Monday he said that it sucks. This news was pretty much bad for the teammates of his football team and also for his family. This time will be tough for them to pass. The team and every member he knew will always miss him and very much.

The Detroit Lions issued or stated that they all are very much saddened about the news and the passing of Charles Rogers. The news went around from place to place and state to state he was a very famous player and also a good one his opponents are sending him and his family warm regards for death so soon.

They are mourning for his death they say that they will miss such a good player in the team. It is said that the player had been diagnosed with liver disease and also the player had cancer and he was very much awaiting a liver transplant before he died, his former high school coaches told this thing to MLive.com.

They said that the player had cancer we don’t know that the disease was related to his liver or not, but they were very much sad for him. The doctors had told him that he would live for only a month if he did not have a liver transplant.

We are still not very much clear about his health issue what had happened to him and what was there more, but his mother was always there for him in the hospital.

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