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5 Weirdest Spider Man Costume


Over the time of his long comic book past, Spider-Man has possessed dozens of amazing costumes. They are starting from the alien symbite to the traditional red and blue, various of these different suits transformed into instant classics.

But provided their sheer number, some were compelled not to go about. Here are the top ten Spider-Man costumes that do not make sense.


When Spider-Man forfeited his costume, he had no one else to go to except for his friend Johnny Storm. Nice to help, Johnny gave over a leftover Fantastic Four costume. Peter still possessed a secret identity not to reveal, however. He has required a mask. So Johnny also provided him with a paper bag.


One of the enormous mistakes one can make in acquiring a classic is over-problematic it. A few small differences here and there can be surprising. In Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man film, they took this slightly too far.


When Peter Parker began running Parker Industries, he had the liberty of all types of advanced technology. Some of this technology he used to assist make the Spidey suit that much powerful. This new edition was armored up and possessed all kinds of cool gadgets acquired in.


The 70’s Spider-Man television episode was short-lived. It is not hard to discern why. From the bad actors to the ridiculously useless action sequences, there is not much that this edition of Spider-Man had to give.


Another slightly-lived TV show, Spider-Man Unlimited, was arriving off the heels of the very accomplished Spider-Man: The Animated Series. It did not survive up to its predecessor.

Everything amazing about the Spider-Man story is underground in the streets of New York. A single time, it got your friendly neighborhood, Spider-Man.

This was one of the weirdest costume match-ups we possess perhaps ever discern in mainstream Marvel comics.

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