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Here Are The Best Shows On Netflix For You Specially For 12th November 2019


Netflix has grown to be such a big platform since its launch in 2016. It has everything and anything its subscribers wish to watch. There is always new content. Netflix comes out with their originals and releases the evergreen movies and series for the subscribers like Friends, Life, Erin Brockovich, and others.

There is always something to watch on Netflix, and the users can spend hours on it. We cannot stop once we start. It is addicting. The content is also of quality, so there is something to blame for all the hours spend on Netflix. For the week, Netflix has a new TV series for its subscribers.

Greatest Events of WWII in Color

Greatest Events of WWII in Color

It is a Netflix original. Some episodes are an hour long. These episodes focus on the events which can never be forgotten in history. These events can never be erased. This docuseries will cover all the important events that took place in World War 2. How with inferior forces, Germany defeated England? How did Japan crash in Pearl Harbor? How can a person manipulate the whole world to go into a war?

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham is an animated TV series. This is the adventure of Guy and Sam who met over green eggs and ham. The guy does not like the dish. Sam, on the other hand, is crazy over it. Along their way, he tries his best that Guy would love the dish.

In the trailer, they somehow end up in jail. In the next scene, they are on the run. Along the way, Guy starts to like Sam. Towards the end of the trailer, a subtle joke is made about vegan.

The Devil Next Door

The Devil Next Door

This is a docuseries about a 66-year-old who lived in America. He was a good citizen throughout his stay. He was a native Ukraine. But the man was picked up by the Israel government accusing him of being a guard in a concentration camp in the Nazi camp. He was known as Ivan the Terrible.

He was brought into the court, and many victims testified against him. His children believed that he is a good person, and whatever he was accused is wrong. The statements given by the victims were horrid, but he denied all of them.

He could have been Ivan, or he was mistaken to be someone else. This will be disclosed in the series.

Netflix has some quality content in-store, and it is mind-boggling.

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