A fan has shown that what and how the Harry Potter actor would look like as Wolverine as Marvel’s next X-men series. Daniel Radcliffe is one of the most successful actors in the world now, and he made his career when he was a very young age. He is very famous across the world for his role-play in the Harry Potter series, for which he became so famous.

The role of Wolverine was not easy for Huge Jackman to play. This is one role for which the actor holds a record as the longest career as a live-action. The actor has won many awards for his this role in the Marvel series. The people and the fans also know him for this name as Wolverine. He is very famous for the role he did for years.

But unfortunately, the actor has decided to retire for the role of his Wolverine after his movie Logan. We think now that after this news his fans and the Wolverine’s fans might not like it most of them might know about this news. He was the perfect one for this incredible role. Now the fans are hoping that the actor might change his mind if he wants to do the role again and be back at least for his fans.

Radcliffe, he said in an interview that he would be playing the role of Wolverine, then this thing took a turn the media took it very seriously. But in another interview, Radcliffe confirmed that he was just joking about the matter it was nothing like that. It’s just that he liked the character and that’s all.

We all know that the previous Wolverine will always be the best for his role and the fans will continue to like how he will be, but the first thing is they want Huge Jackman back.

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