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Serena Williams revealed about their friendship with Meghan Markle’s and her NYC trip


A few friends can travel quite a distance just to watch another in a game, but not many can take a 4-month baby along just to do so.

Meghan Markle has ignited what friendship goals should look like and we can’t, but help talk about it. The duo met at a super bowl party in 2010 where they talked about “old fashioned girly stuff” and kicked off their friendship. In spite of what their daily schedule may seem giving their personalities in our world today, they have always stayed in contact with one another and given each other great support throughout the years.

Markle tied the knot to Prince Harry in May 2018, and Serena ensured she was present to support her friend as she and her husband, Alexis Ohanian were among the chosen guest to grace the occasion. The athlete spoke of the wedding in one her interviews where she said: “To have such a monumental moment in England, nonetheless of all the places, I felt like we were watching history” (Lydia Kawken, 2019).

In the game where Meghan Markle took her son Archie to New York to watch Serena’s game, the athlete said her friend is the strongest person she knows and admitted she might not be able to the same for her.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, she said “She flew with a newborn to watch me play in New York and flew back that night, and I probably couldn’t have done that. I think it’s cool to have a group of friends who are doing amazing things and face the pressure you face with being in the public eye and also praised her for dealing with all the intense scrutiny that comes with being a member of the royal family” (Dresch, 2019).

It’s a beautiful feeling to have friends support you through thick and thin, and we can all agree Serena William is lucky to have Meghan Markle in her life and vice versa.

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